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Volume 2 Number 2


Expanding research into niche fields

David, Solomon Arulraj

Volume 2, Number 2, pp 1

  PDF full text (281.84 kB)

A Critical Evaluation of the Special Provisions for Gifted Students: a case study of a student in an Elementary School in Dubai

Sharma, Neha H

Volume 2, Number 2, pp 2-30 

  PDF full text (1.03 MB)

Experiences and Perceptions of Teachers and Parents about the Impact of the Moral Education Program Implementation in Dubai Schools

Sbai, Ikrame

Volume 2, Number 2, pp 31-47 

 PDF full text (592.82 kB)

Exploring Behaviour Management Strategies Used By Teachers In Thailand Primary Schools

Nasiru, Mufutau AfolabiKuyini, Ahmed BawaCornish, Linley

Volume 2, Number 2, pp 48-73 

 PDF full text (951.31 kB)

On the Role of Values in Educational Research: a Critique of Two Research Studies

Kushkiev, Plamen

Volume 2, Number 2, pp 80-108 

 PDF full text (465.04 kB)


Volume 2 Number 1


Editorial: Using effective assessment to improve teaching and learning

Abujaja, Afishata MohammedAbukari, Abdulai

Volume 2, Number 1, pp 1-3

  PDF full text (321.46 kB)

Undergraduate physiotherapy students’ performance in theoretical and practical examinations: A correlational case study in the UAE

Ramakrishnan, SenthilnathanAbukari, Abdulai

Volume 2, Number 1, pp 4-33 

  PDF full text (509.06 kB)

The impact of using Socrative based formative assessment to enhance student achievement in a nutrition course: A digital forward assessment

Hussein, Hinda Jirdeh

Volume 2, Number 1, pp 34-56 

 PDF full text (941.88 kB)

Investigating the Impact of Applying Different Strategies of Formative Assessments on Students’ Learning Outcomes in Summative Assessments in a Private School in Sharjah, UAE

Radhwan, Mina

Volume 2, Number 1, pp 57-79 

 PDF full text (442.27 kB)

The impact of Alef Platform on students’ performance at Al Asayel School in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Alyammahi, Aisha Hassan

Volume 2, Number 1, pp 80-108 

 PDF full text (1.23 MB)




Volume 1 Number 2

Editorial: Using research to inform practice: the teacher as a practitioner researcher

Abukari, AbdulaiAbubaka, Ahmed Bawa Kuyini

Volume 1, Number 2, pp 1-6

  PDF full text (891.78 kB)

Special Education Teachers’ Perceptions on Using Technology for Communication Practices

Siyam, Nur

Volume 1, Number 2, pp 7-19

  PDF full text (1.38 MB)

Students’ Attitudes towards Collaborative Learning in Language Classroom

Hassanein, Amir Atef

Volume 1, Number 2, pp 20-31

 PDF full text (1.49 MB)

Substitution and Ellipsis in the First Year University Students’ English Essay Writing

Abdulrahman, Nishad

Volume 1, Number 2, pp 32-41

 PDF full text (1.38 MB)

The Relationship between Cognitive Development, Teaching Creative Thinking, Assessment, and an Interdisciplinary Approach

ElSayary, Dr Areej

Volume 1, Number 2, pp 42-56

 PDF full text (1.21 MB)

The UAE High School Students’ Conceptions of the Nature of Science (NOS)

Al-Bouti, Eman

Volume 1, Number 2, pp 57-78

  PDF full text (1.27 MB)

Volume 1 Number 1

Editorial: The theory versus practice dilemma - effecting education practice and research in the best possible way

Abukari, AbdulaiGaad, Eman

Volume 1, Number 1, pp 1-3

  PDF full text (1.3 MB)

Investigating the Perception of K-12 Teachers on their Assessment Literacy and Obstacles Hindering the Implementation of Effective Assessments in Dubai private schools

Sbai, Ikrame

Volume 1, Number 1, pp 4-27

  PDF full text (1.72 MB)

Teacher leadership potential: assessment in the light of teachers’ perceptions in UAE

Eltanahy, Marwa

Volume 1, Number 1, pp 28-55

 PDF full text (1.97 MB)

The Effects and Challenges of Integrating GoAnimate Video Creator with TaskBased Language Teaching (TBLT) in Teaching English to a Grade 11 Omani Class

Al Khalili, Shatha

Volume 1, Number 1, pp 56-73

  PDF full text (1.52 MB)

The effect of servant leadership on students’ engagement in social studies class: analyzing perception of middle school students in Dubai

Zamani, Zahra

Volume 1, Number 1, pp 74-96

 PDF full text (1.54 MB)

Teachers’ perspectives on social media in schools in the UAE

Alkutich, Mohamad Ezzat

Volume 1, Number 1, pp 97-112

 PDF full text (1.45 MB)


  • Abdulai Abukari, PhD.


  • Eman Gaad, PhD.
  • Sufian Forawi, PhD.
  • Abdulai Abukari, PhD.
  • Christopher Hill, PhD.
  • John Mckenny, PhD.
  • Solomon David, PhD.
  • Emad A. S. Abu-Ayyash, PhD.
  • Paul Miller, PhD.
  • Ahmed Bawa Kuyini Abubakar, PhD.
  • Shahira Elalfy, PhD.