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Volume 1 Number 2

Editorial: Using research to inform practice: the teacher as a practitioner researcher

Abukari, AbdulaiAbubaka, Ahmed Bawa Kuyini

Volume 1, Number 2, pp 1-6

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Special Education Teachers’ Perceptions on Using Technology for Communication Practices

Siyam, Nur

Volume 1, Number 2, pp 7-19

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Students’ Attitudes towards Collaborative Learning in Language Classroom

Hassanein, Amir Atef

Volume 1, Number 2, pp 20-31

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Substitution and Ellipsis in the First Year University Students’ English Essay Writing

Abdulrahman, Nishad

Volume 1, Volume 1, Number 2, pp 32-41

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The Relationship between Cognitive Development, Teaching Creative Thinking, Assessment, and an Interdisciplinary Approach

ElSayary, Dr Areej

Volume 1, Volume 1, Number 2, pp 42-56

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The UAE High School Students’ Conceptions of the Nature of Science (NOS)

Al-Bouti, Eman

Volume 1, Volume 1, Number 2, pp 57-78

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Volume 1 Number 1

Editorial: The theory versus practice dilemma - effecting education practice and research in the best possible way

Abukari, AbdulaiGaad, Eman

Volume 1, Number 1, pp 1-3

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Investigating the Perception of K-12 Teachers on their Assessment Literacy and Obstacles Hindering the Implementation of Effective Assessments in Dubai private schools

Sbai, Ikrame

Volume 1, Number 1, pp 4-27

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Teacher leadership potential: assessment in the light of teachers’ perceptions in UAE

Eltanahy, Marwa

Volume 1, Number 1, pp 28-55

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The Effects and Challenges of Integrating GoAnimate Video Creator with TaskBased Language Teaching (TBLT) in Teaching English to a Grade 11 Omani Class

Al Khalili, Shatha

Volume 1, Number 1, pp 56-73

  PDF full text (1.52 MB)

The effect of servant leadership on students’ engagement in social studies class: analyzing perception of middle school students in Dubai

Zamani, Zahra

Volume 1, Number 1, pp 74-96

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Teachers’ perspectives on social media in schools in the UAE

Alkutich, Mohamad Ezzat

Volume 1, Number 1, pp 97-112

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  • Abdulai Abukari, PhD


  • Eman Gaad, PhD.
  • Sufian Forawi, PhD.
  • Abdulai Abukari, PhD.
  • Christopher Hill, PhD.
  • John Mckenny, PhD.
  • Solomon David, PhD.
  • Emad A. S. Abu-Ayyash, PhD.
  • Paul Miller, PhD.
  • Ahmed Bawa Kuyini Abubakar, PhD.