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How do I add page numbers?

Refer to the quick guide on adding different pagination to your research work.

I do not want to publish my dissertation/thesis online. What can I do for that?

You have to fill the ETD Embargo request form and get it signed by your Supervisor before submitting it to the Library. The embargo period and the reason must be specified clearly.

Is there any recommended typeface and point size that I should use for my research work?

Recommended typeface is Times New Roman and 12-point typeface is the recommended standard for general use. A number of other standard faces are equally acceptable but consult your supervisor if in doubt.

What should be the length of my research work?

The length of the thesis at BUiD is approximately 80,000 words. For Dissertation should be 15,000-20,000 words and for a Research Project should not exceed 15,000 words. The dissertation word count differs from one faculty to another. Please refer to the dissertation module descriptor for the recommended length of your research work. The calculation of length excludes appendices, tables, diagrams, and references.

What are the printing & binding charges for my research work?

The dissertation and thesis binding will be done by the Library on submission of the final work.

The prices for printing are as below:

  • Thesis - AED 300/- per copy
  • Dissertation - AED 200/- per copy

(5 %VAT will be applicable)

The payment for printing and binding can be made to the accounts. For inquiries regarding payment through bank transfer or credit card, please contact or +971 4279-1472.

Whom can I contact for any help with the Arabic translation?

Consult your supervisor for any translation assistance – they can refer you within their Faculty.

How long will it take for my final dissertation/thesis to be bound?

All the submissions are send for binding by the end of each month. It usually takes 2 - 3 weeks for the bound copies to be returned from the printing press.

What do you mean by the final version?

This is the version that is approved by the Supervisor after all the changes has been done to the contents. If for a certain reason the Supervisor is no longer in the University, the student must coordinate with their Faculty Administrator to get the approval from the Second Marker and will confirm the submission to the Library for repository. The final version should also comply to the University standards in terms of formatting, pagination and order of the pages.

See below standards and templates:

Where are the electronic copies of my research work archived?

These are uploaded in the University's institutional repository called BSpace. For those submissions that have an embargo request, only the abstract will be available online. The full-text will be made available online only after the completion of the the embargo period.