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CDR 508 MSc Project in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution: Reading list

Department: Master of Construction Law and Dispute Resolutions
Module Description: In this module the student will undertake a short research project. The student will focus on applying the knowledge learnt from the projects submitted in the previous modules. This project would be an extension to one or more projects submitted in previous modules. Either way the student will reflect on all his research activities in the previous modules and try to incorporate in this project including critical review of previous outcomes to be used to prepare a proposal for new research project. The student will focus on applying the knowledge learnt in several modules to analyse, revise, improve and assess a relevant topic.  This could include procurement contracts, variation orders, extension of time, payment, insurance, construction arbitration and dispute resolutions topics as long as it is approved by the tutor.
The research project module will be delivered in a different way than other modules. It will rely on independent study by the student/s. there will however be a class activity for all students. The module will start in the first week in a class attended by all students where they will be exposed to the concept of the project, outline and scope, requirements and deadlines.


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