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Access eBooks: Knovel books


This is a collection of Engineering related eBooks for all disciplines including Sustainable Energy and Development, Nanotechnology, Electronics, and other related subjects. It has about 8,000+ eBooks in it's collection. 

Knovel also provides access to interactive equations, periodical table, and an extensive unit conversion tool.

Use your Library account to login when prompted to download the eBook.  

Creating an account

  • Click on the My Knovel tab and create an account
  • To create a profile you must use the email address that you use at your organization.


Creating an individual account (or ‘profile’) provides these additional features:

  • Use of the Knovel mobile app
  • Save and organize bookmarks
  • Share content with colleagues
  • Create notes and highlights in documents.


Instructions on how to download/print

  • Go to Knovel
  • Enter your Library account when prompted.
  • Search by author, title or keyword. Use "quotation marks" if you know the exact title for better results.


  • Refine your search for more specific results. Then click on the title that you wish to download


  • Click on the chapter. Knovel eBooks can be downloaded only on a chapter-by-chapter basis


  • A PDF format will be opened in your browser. Click Download or Print 


Note: You cannot download a full book from Knovel, as this is against Knovel’s terms of service. It is recommended that you limit your download or prints to 20% of a book at any one time. 

If offline use is required, use Knovel’s app, Knovel ToGo, available through the Apple app store or Google Play store.  This app allows you to view complete books offline through a smartphone or tablet.

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