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Find module readings


Select the module listed alphabetically to access the readings. 

Or type the course code (e.g. EDU 510) 


The reading list provides you information about the core texts and recommended readings for the  to the module (including availability of the print books on the shelf and access to the full text of the articles)

Locate a book from the list:

  • Select a module from the module search box.
  • Click on the title. This will direct you to the bibliographic details of the book. (Availability of the book, no. of copies, eBook or print, location, call number, etc.)
  • If it is an eBook, click on view eBook and access the full text or download using your Blackboard login.
  • If it is a print book and is available on shelf, click on place hold to reserve the book online using your Library account.



Access articles from the list:

  • If the item is an article, it will direct you the the details of the item.  You can access the full-text using your Blackboard account.
  • If the article is not available within the library collection, you will be directed to the request item page. The article will be provided to you within 48 hours of submission of the form by email.