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MENG 211 Engineering Mechanics : Reading list

Department: BSc in Electro Mechanical Engineering
Module Description: Convey the fundamental role of mechanics in engineering. Introduce the concepts of statics mechanics of the force systems in 2 and 3 dimensions with the equilibrium and free body diagrams. Introduce the concept of kinematics to describe the motion of particles and bodies in two dimensions.

Module text(s)

  • Meriam, J. L., Kraige, K. G. and Bolton, J. N. (2019). Engineering mechanics. 9th edn. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
  • Hibbeler, R. C. (2017). Engineering mechanics. 14th edn. Hoboken: Pearson.

Recommended readings

  • Meriam, J. L., Kraige, L. G. and Bolton, J. N. (2018). Engineering mechanics. 9th edn. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
  • Prentis, J. M. (1986). Dynamics of mechanical systems. 2nd edn. Chichester, Eng.: Ellis Horwood.
  • Prentis, J. M. (1979). Engineering mechanics. Oxford England: Clarendon Press.

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