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Overdue and fines: Home

  • An overdue charge of AED 2 per day per book will be billed if the item is not renewed or returned on time. A 5% VAT charge will be added to your bill as mandated by the Ministry.
  • Maximum overdue count is set to 5 items. This means that if a patron has 5 items overdue, they will NOT be allowed to borrow any library materials until the outstanding bill is paid.
  • For lost or damaged items, an additional processing charge of AED 50 will be billed in addition to the current cost of the item(s). Please report lost items to the Circulation Desk as soon as possible to avoid accruing overdue fines.
  • Students must return all materials and pay outstanding fines and charges before their account is cleared.   

Note: All the charges should to paid to the accounts